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“Tracy helped me to respect myself enough to put certain boundaries in place”

Marguerite 37

I have always thought a Life Coach is somebody who makes all your decisions, to make sure you stay on the right track, but I could not have been further off track. I did also have the misconception that somebody who needed a Life Coach was not as strong as others, because most people are able to figure things out for themselves. But having 2 in depth sessions has shown me that  Life Coach   is such an essential part of self growth. You are given tools to help you figure things out for yourself and these tools are crucial in so many ways. You get to better understand yourself and better yourself, at your own pace and focused on areas of your life where you choose to focus. It has been a huge eye opener

Elanza 32

Tracy, you have not only shown me my true worth, but you have also given me a reason to believe in myself again. All of that in just one session. Your desiger to understand what I was thinking, feeling and what I have gone through is just impeccable. So thank you and I look forward to our journey together.

Dani 28

"In being a typical male I never thought I would ever need it, but I was in a pretty fragile state." 

Paddy Padayachee Manager

Hi there, my name is Ruth Beckerling, and I have recently found Tracey to have a life coaching session. This session was truly amazing.She was so perceptive from the first moment as to exactly what I needed to work on. Self care, as a single mom, is my challenge and Tracy and I came up with a set of awesome steps to begin with. Tracey's guidance made me feel empowered, heard, and the possibilities are positive and endless going forward. I really appreciated her approach and our simple plan feel so do-able! I am excited instead of anxious and so grateful, thanks a million Tracey!!!!


Initially I was sceptical of a "life coach". I associated it with motivational speakers, with whom I have had very much contact. I was, however, prepared to give Tracy the chance to prove herself. It turned out that I was extremely fortunate to have made that decision.

A life coach is vastly different. It is a much more personal and tailored approach. 

Tracy gave me the insight to analyze why I hadn't performed to the best of my ability under certain circumstances. She also made me realise that I had it within myself to improve my life by pointing out the tools I should utilise. She taught me to use introspection and view the situation with different eyes. It was so informative and, without imposing her views, helped me realize that I myself, have the power  to make a change.

I wish I'd met her years ago. Now, at the ripe old age of 68, i feel more confident and better able to handle situations in my life.

Nancy 68