Tracy Fenton

4x one-hour Corporate Sessions


Let’s have a one-on-one here, in person or remotely. Executives gain immensely from coaching, that is how some of the most successful people in the world choose to work on themselves. So, how do you say no to a member of your team? How do you inspire and create team cohesion? How do you demand respect from your team and be considered a team player? How do you get that horse to water and make it drink, every single day?
We will focus on topics individually per session.

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Choose me to work with your team to inspire and sustain growth and cohesion within your organization. I will focus on certain topics per workshop, depending on which package is chosen.

Focus Topics (One Session Covers an individual topic)

● Career support
● Guiding you with regards to becoming an alpha in your own life and work relationships, employees, and clients.
● Understanding your team and your company as functioning system
● Cohesion in sales and marketing teams
● Sales coaching
● Stress management in the workplace
● Guiding you to make and maintain connections and relationships with clients
● Time management, providing you with tools to manage your time more effectively
● Goal setting
● Self-actualization
● Assistance with setting healthy boundaries
● Self-empowerment
● Relationships coaching, how can I get my partner or my family’s buy in regarding my career


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