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3-5 People 60min Group Session


Do you want to be a success in your own life on your own terms and learn from the life experiences of others at the same time? Join in our group sessions, of three or more people, in person or remotely, working on universal topics that are helpful when discussed in a safe space, with like-minded people whom you can connect with; consequentially gaining clarity on your own narrative.

Group sessions run twice a week, one session on a weekday evening and the other session on a Saturday.

  • R375, minimum of three people per group maximum of five people per group
  • One hour group sessions
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Allow one hour for group sessions. We will focus on topics individually per group session.

I will provide the group with guidance and support regarding:

• Guiding you with regards to becoming an alpha in your own life and relationships
• The drama triangle, where do you fit in?
• What happens when we do not enforce healthy boundaries?
• Learning to say no without feeling guilty
• Career
• Guiding you to make and maintain connections with others
• Relationship coaching
• Guidance on relationship with self
• Guiding you with regards to becoming an alpha in your own life and relationships
• Self-actualization
• Self-empowerment
• Take your power back
• Goal setting
• Gaining self-control, being in the driver’s seat of your life
• Time management, providing you with tools to manage your time more effectively
• Setting healthy boundaries
• How to say no
• When to say yes
• Living an empowered life
• A vision for your life
• A happy life
• A fulfilled life
• How to be a better you
• How to be the best version of yourself
• Finding your joy again
• Autonomy in your life, taking back control
• How to be your version of successful
• Addiction intervention
• Relationship rescue
• You are part of a system, understanding your life as a system
• Stress management
• Finding your joy
• Managing your finances
• Relationships you have with others
• Managing your time more effectively


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