Tracy Fenton

5 People 8 Hours Corporate Workshop


Take your power back and get to know the real you. Align yourself with what you truly desire and create harmony and balance in your life.

  • R7 500 for five people, 8 hours


Choose me to work with your team to inspire and sustain growth and cohesion within your organization.

I will focus on certain topics per workshop, depending on which package is chosen.
With a minimum of three topics and maximum of five topics per workshop.

• Corporate cohesion, helping employees to gain an understanding of their part in the system
• Corporate icebreakers and relationship building
• Inspiring healthy competition
• Providing employees with tools to manage their time more effectively, at work and regarding work
• Relationships coaching, how can I inspire connections at work?
• Corporate cohesion
• Corporate icebreakers and relationship building
• Stress management in the workplace
• Sales coaching, techniques, building self-esteem and creating connections with clients


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