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Who am I and what is Life Coaching?

I have a question for you – When you hear that I am a “Life Coach” what comes to your mind immediately?

Life manager, therapist…these are all things that come to mind for some people.

There is something important that a lot of people seem to miss… a Life Coach is not there to fix your problems or tell you how you should live your life. Life Coaching is not there to just ‘help you get through a tough time’. It is there for you to maximize your life, to live the best life you see yourself living. It is there for you to make use of when you have hit a bumpy road, we grow when we are uncomfortable, and growth is good. A Life Coach is there to shine a light on an easier way for you to live, to normalize what you are going through and remind you that, with some guidance, you already have everything that you need to make any changes that you need to make, in order to live a life of peace and fulfilment.

In fact I have the definition of a Life Coach according to Urban Dictionary:

“An asshole who has decided they want to make money by giving life advice and therapy to people without going through any accredited psychological education”. 

Because no training or licensing is necessary, anyone regardless of mental state or wisdom can become a Life Coach. Many people gain the title by attending a few empowerment courses where they do things such as a fire walk, breaking boards in half or a trust fall. This apparently, gives them the credentials to begin counselling individuals in matters of relationships, career aspirations, finances, raising children and overcoming adversity.

The above definition is often true, in some cases, there are many Life Coaches that have a short online qualification, that perhaps took them 30 hours or a month to complete, and now do feel that they are qualified to guide other people in dealing with issues; issues that are often heavy on their hearts or that they see as impeding their optimal functioning and growth, in their daily lives.

I completely agree that anyone claiming to be professional, should have the qualifications to back it up.

So, allow me to challenge you with this concept, my definition of a Life Coach is a professional that has the tools, that they can offer you, to aid you in living a more simplified life. A life of maximum output.

How about this?

A Life Coach is a professional who holds space for you, whilst you discuss concerns that are very real to you, regardless of how minor or major they may be.

When I talk about myself, Tracy Fenton, as a Life Coach, know this…

I am a qualified counsellor, I spent four years studying full-time, through the university of Pretoria. I am currently doing a course in order to register with the Health Professions Council of South Africa.I did a six-month internship, split up at several places, including the Pretoria Central prison and Alpha Trauma Centre, in the eastern part of Johannesburg and Sun Gardens Hospice in Pretoria.

I have two separate, 9 month qualifications, studying NLP, or Neurolinguistic Programming, making me a twice over qualified Life Coach. NLP focuses on where you are now and where you want to be, not on where it all started. NLP believes in studying behaviour that works and modelling it, teaching it to others.

Do you think it is important to challenge yourself?

Do you agree that it is important to work with Life Coach who has actual life experience?

I have survived cancer twice..

Imagine yourself in this scenario, you have been diagnosed with a rare type of cancer, that less than 3% of the population is ever diagnosed with. Imagine struggling to find the correct treatment, because somehow, finding a doctor, who has treated at least twenty patients, with this type of cancer is a real struggle.

That is the very same situation I found myself in, in 2012. The second time I was diagnosed. I made the decision to live, even though the Oncologist told me that the odds were against me.

I worked in corporate for fifteen years, I know what it means to face the challenges of being the sole breadwinner, running a household, being stuck in traffic every day, and having targets to meet.

I understand what it means to bury a mother and a father.

Allow me to share with you one or two things that clients of mine have recently said about what they used to think a Life Coach is, as opposed to what they now know Life Coaching to be, after sessions working with myself.

Nancy, one of my clients, shared these wise words with me 

“Initially I was sceptical of a “life coach”. I associated it with motivational speakers, with whom I have had very much contact. I was, however, prepared to give Tracy the chance to prove herself. It turned out that I was extremely fortunate to have made that decision.

A life coach is vastly different. It is a much more personal and tailored approach. Tracy gave me the insight to analyse why I hadn’t performed to the best of my ability under certain circumstances. She also made me realise that I had it within myself to improve my life by pointing out the tools I should utilise. She taught me to use introspection and view the situation with different eyes. It was so informative and, without imposing her views, helped me realise that I, myself, have the power to make a change. I wish I’d met her years ago. Now, at the ripe old age of 68, I feel more confident and better able to handle situations in my life.”

What does this tell you? It is always early enough in your life to look at making a change, to hear what other people have to say that will allow you to think about another way, a healthier, more efficient way of living life and accomplishing whatever goals you may have.

Elanza, a mother of two, in her 30’s shared her experience of our Life Coaching sessions together with me

“I have always thought a life-coach is somebody who makes all your decision to make sure you stay on the right track, but I could not have been further off track. I did also have the misconception that somebody who needed a life coach was not as strong as others, because most people are able to figure things out for themselves. But having two in depth sessions has shown me that life coaching is such an essential part of self-growth. You are given tools to help you figure things out for yourself and these tools are crucial in so many ways. You get to better understand yourself and better yourself, at your own pace and focus on areas of your life where you choose to focus. It has been a huge eye opener” 

I trust that makes sense to you, I trust that what I have said, and the views my clients have shared, resonate with you.

In closing, I hope it hits home that Life Coaching is about living your best life, in the most simple and effective way.

What would you like assistance with, in your day-to-day life?

Perhaps the relationship you have with yourself?



Finding a way to encourage your staff to get along with one another?

Managing your finances?

Perhaps the relationship you have with others?

Finding a way to encourage your staff to meet targets?

Managing your time more effectively?

Learning to say no without feeling guilty?

Executive coaching?


Struggling to make and maintain connections with others?

Setting healthy boundaries?

Meeting targets at work?

Relationship rescue?

Sales coaching?

The list is endless.

What has been stopping you before today?

One thing Covid-19 has highlighted for all of us is that life is short and sometimes we could all use a little help

I have many affordable session options.

Individual as well as group sessions.

I work with private individuals as well as in the corporate sector. 

I offer the utmost confidentiality and respect towards any issue you would like to discuss and work on, as my client.

Remember, you can sign up for Life Coaching sessions yourself, and you can encourage someone whom you love, that is going through something difficult or would greatly benefit from the assistance to contact me as well.

You an offer coaching to your employees in groups or as individuals.

I am looking very much forward to hearing from you.

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