Tracy Fenton

Tracy Fenton

I have a question for you – When you hear that I am a “Life Coach” what comes to your mind immediately?

Life manager, therapist…these are all things that come to mind for some people. 

There is something important that a lot of people seem to miss… 

A Life Coach is not there to fix your problems or tell you how you should live your life. Life Coaching is not there to just ‘help you get through a tough time’. It is there for you to maximize your life, to live the best life you see yourself living. It is there for you to make use of when you have hit a bumpy road, we grow when we are uncomfortable, and growth is good. A Life Coach is there to shine a light on an easier way for you to live, to normalize what you are going through and remind you that, with some guidance, you already have everything that you need to make any changes that you need to make, in order to live a life of peace and fulfillment.

In fact I have the definition of a Life Coach according to Urban Dictionary:

“An asshole who has decided they want to make money by giving life advice and therapy to people without going through any accredited psychological education”.

Tracy Fenton Life Coach

Because no training or licensing is necessary, anyone regardless of mental state or wisdom can become a Life Coach. Many people gain the title by attending a few empowerment courses where they do things such as a fire walk, breaking boards in half or a trust fall. This apparently, gives them the credentials to begin counseling individuals in matters of relationships, career aspirations, finances, raising children and overcoming adversity.

The above definition is often true, in some cases, there are many Life Coaches that have a short online qualification, that perhaps took them 30 hours or a month to complete, and now do feel that they are qualified to guide other people in dealing with issues; issues that are often heavy on their hearts or that they see as impeding their optimal functioning and growth, in their daily lives.